15 Songs You Didn’t Realize Were Covers

Well, you probably realized that some of these were covers. In fact, you were probably like, “What do you take me for? I knew some of these were covers!” But some of these are really surprising! “Torn”?! WTF is Ednaswap? Jesus. This whole project gave me an existential crisis.


Originally by Ednaswap


> Natalie Imbruglia Version


Hey Joe

> Originally by The Leaves

> Jimi Hendrix Version

Tainted Love

> Originally by Gloria Jones

> Soft Cell Version



  • > Originally by Otis Redding

    > Aretha Franklin Version


    > Originally by The Four Lads

    > They Might Be Giants Version

    Cum On Feel The Noize

    > Originally By Slade

    > Quiet Riot Version

    I Love Rock And Roll

    > Originally By The Arrows

    > Joan Jett Version

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    > Originally By Robert Hazard

    > Cyndi Lauper Version

    Mambo No. 5

    > Originally By Perez Prado

    > Lou Bega Version

    Don’t Turn Around

    > Originally By Diane Warren (Performed By Tina Turner)

    > Ace Of Base Version

    Hanging On The Telephone

    > Originally By Jack Lee

    > Blondie Version

    Hey Mickey

    > Originally By Mike Chapman And Called “Kitty” (Performed By Racey)

    > Toni Basil Version


  • Gloria


  • > Originally By Umberto Tozzi


  • > Laura Branigan Version


  • The Crying Game


  • > Originally By Dave Berry


  • > Boy George Version


  • I Think We’re Alone Now


  • > Originally By Ritchie Cordell (Performed By The Shondells)


  • > Tiffany Version